Shortly after being elected, I set out to establish a relationship with the City‘s adopted battalion, the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion at Camp Pendleton.  What ensued was a number of events and activities where we, the citizens of Poway, could show support for the young Marines of the 1st LAR and elsewhere. 


Some examples of things we did are: 

  • The City sponsored and hosted a “Public Works Day” for about 50 Marines.  We shut down our public works office for a day to demonstrate the systems and equipment we use to show them what a job in Public Works would be like, as an example of how they could apply their technical skills upon their return to civilian life. 

  • On more than one occasion we assembled as many people as we could to welcome home a returning 1st LAR Company.  Leaving Poway at 0 dark thirty with juice, coffee and doughnuts for a small army, we’d caravan to Camp Pendleton, wait with the families of the returning Marines and then line the streets to cheer the returning warriors.   

  • When several Marines were injured in a serious roll over vehicle accident, Councilmember Grosch and his son Alex took it upon themselves to deliver pizza and drinks to the hospital waiting room for the anxiously waiting families of the injured Marines.  

  • The one ongoing program is known as Project HoHoHo.  Susie Mullin, seeing how little these young Marine families had, took it upon herself to give as many families as she could a Merry Christmas.  Raising money initially from friends and family and working with the Family Resource Officer and/or the Battalion Chaplain, Susie bought Christmas gifts for the Marines and their wives and children.  Ten families in the first year of 2012, growing to 17 families last year.  Some of the Christmas cheer generated by Susie and her Project HoHoHo can be seen below.