Poway's Current Issues

The New Poway Road Specific Plan

 This will provide the critically needed revitalization of Poway Road to help secure our future while creating a Town Center destination.  

Streamline the bureaucracy

My initiative helped expedite some City approvals and cut some red tape for small businesses and homeowners to invest in Poway.   

Poway High and Fire Station 3 Solar Plants

I championed the Poway High and Fire Station 3 solar plant  projects by forming a working group to meet with staff and consultants to keep the projects on track. 

Cost control on capital expenditures

The Council concurred with my suggestion to have a committee of construction professionals oversee the design of the new Cafagna Community Center.  

Poway is fiscally conservative

 Our budget is always balanced and we maintain a reserve for emergencies equal to 45% of the budget.  

Poway maintains a focus on what’s important.

 Poway is exceptional in its ability to maintain a singular focus on why we exist, what our mission is and what our responsibilities are to our residents.   

John on the "John Riley Project"

The John Riley Project

John Riley has taken it upon himself to interview all of the current candidates and is posting these great interviews on his YouTube channel.  Click below to check out the rest